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The cuisine in Jamaican is based on the island's basic diet of chicken and fish, fresh vegetables, local fruits, and spicy flavoring.

Curry flavors are popular, and frying and grilling are common preparation methods. Jerk is a distinctly Jamaican method of barbecuing. Anjo’s Imports has a complete line of Jamaican sauces and seasonings.


Traditional Bajan cuisine is generally very tasty and hot. There are a lot of chicken and fresh fish dishes. A local specialty is fried flying fish.

The local dishes are typically fried or curried, and are served with an assortment of the local vegetables such as yams, cassava, sweet potatoes, and plantains. Fruits play an important flavor role. Local fruits include grapefruit, mangoes, guavas, passion fruit, and sugar apples.


Belize used to be called British Honduras. The cuisine is influenced by Spanish and Mexican cuisines, with a Caribbean twist. Habañero peppers are used in most Belizean hot sauces.


Trinidad is home to Congo peppers and Caribbean cousins Scotch Bonnet and the habañero. These members of the pepper family are the species called Capsicum chinense. These are the hottest peppers in the world and also some of the tastiest. These peppers are fruity, featuring distinctive hints of apricot, peach, and citrus.